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Hot Chocolate Sticks

Choc-O-Lait traditional sticks are available in 9 delicious flavours from Milk Chocolate to Cointreau and Caramel to Coffee.

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Choc-O-Lait Spoons are available in milk, dark or white chocolate and lovingly created by moulding a solid block of luxurious Barry Callebaut chocolate on to the end of a wooden spoon.

Sleeves and Variety Packs

Choc-O-Lait traditional sticks are now available in single sleeves of 6 sticks or choose one of our variety packs with a mix of your favourite flavours. Each variety pack contains 4 sleeves (24 sticks).

Welcome to Choc-O-Lait

Choc-o-lait was established in 2004 to sell a new hot chocolate milk concept. Like most good ideas the concept is all about simplicity: a wooden stick with a cube of real Belgian Callebaut chocolate on the end. Just swirl the chocolate into a cup of hot milk for one minute and enjoy your own cup of delicious and authentic hot chocolate milk. The name simply translates as ‘chocolate with milk’. Just as simple and transparent as the idea itself.

Starting with just four flavours – dark, milk, hazelnut and Cointreau the hot chocolate range now consists of ten flavours including vanilla, cinnamon & ginger, caramel and coffee as well as new products such as hot chocolate spoons and a range of gift packs.

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